Instant Articles, App For The Iphone Users By Facebook

The world largest social media Facebook, is again in the news with the bombastic application for their iPhone users the Instant Articles, which have the huge list of the world articles. The website contains the unique format of this Instant Article feature. This new feature allows the publishers to create a new article through the Facebook App.The app is natively installed in the social app launched by the Facebook for its iPhone users. The Instant Article will be work as the app which is not compatible to use online web.

The app which is specially designed for the website could be used at the BuzzFeed, the USA’s The New York Times, NBC, National Geographic, the UK’s The Guardian and the Germany’s Spiegel could get the updates of this feature in their website from the users.

The main purpose of the app is to develop the platform for the users to add the best resolution pictures which could be zoomed in when the user tilt their iPhone. The app will auto play the videos when you will scroll down, with the interactive maps, commenting in-line on the articles and the captions which are used in the audio would be the features of this Instant Article app.

According to the reports submitted by the TechCrunch, the Paper team, are taking their learnings from the US app, for this new format and they will continue this offer for the users of the iPhone.

Besides, this app which provides this service, the speed would be the other benefit of the iPhone users. According to the social website Facebook the iPhone users need to wait for 8 seconds to load the web page which is used through the Facebook new App such as Instant Articles. This would be the beneficial app for the users of the iPhone.

For the publishers, who used this App for publishing their articles, could control the content which is written through the Instant Article and published on the websites by the users. The feature, also work at the earning publishing ad, which generates almost 100% revenues for them. The articles could get almost 300 x 250 units for the ads which are used to the banners of the articles.

As said by the Recode, the biggest social site Facebook is also offering analytics information which could be fed into the Adobe Omniture or the Google Analytics. The performance of the Data will be entered into the ComScore. This will help the publishers to control the web traffic, which could be down, due to the over excessive use of the app content for their article publishing and writing on the website.

With the Instant Articles, the people who are not users of this app, could be worried, as users will not use the News Feeds and also the Facebook will not promote the algorithm with the traditional links of the new format. The Facebook will glue the users in this app, which loads and check the articles instantly.