Intel Introduces Officially EDISON

Introduced in January this year, Edison, the mini PC the size of a postage stamp, is expected to represent the new generation of Smart gadgets. Edison was officially launched. Built around a microprocessor on 22 nm, Edison offers WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth, all in a SD card space.

After it announced the availability of a new kind of ultra-efficient x86 processor, dedicated to Smart gadgets such as Galaxy Gear watch and Google Glass glasses, Intel came to CES 2014 with an interesting tech demonstration: a PC with a Pentium processor, fully functional and small enough to be inserted into the SD card slot of the camera.

 With Quark chip SOC with dual core CPU, the package also includes RAM, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, SSD which provides enough storage place and operating system. Based on a Linux distribution speccialy adapted by Intel, Edison has its own applications store and a special version of Wolfram ( a smart search engine with access to a huge database, which can be used to give contextual information about various locations, objects and people ).

To demonstrate Edison’s potential, Intel presented a concept called the Nursery 2.0: the new mini PC is introduced in new born clothing with sensors that allow monitoring the child’s vital signs and general overall health. The details are then sent using a wireless connection to a screen glued to a coffee cup. This way the parent knows all the time how his child is doing.

Also, through the same wireless connection you can heat a child’s bottle found nearby when the sensors connected to Edison note too much commotion.

Of course, a PC as powerfull and well miniaturized as Edison can be included in a range of smart accessories. You could use it not only for monitoring activities or fitness equipment. Smart watches are first on the list but the Quark chip could be usefull for a new generation of smart glasses made after the Google Glass ones or for other small gadgets.