iPad News – Hot Or Not A New Enterprise In An Attempt To Keep Apple On Top.

While the iPad may be one of the most popular tablets on the market, there has been a stage reached where there needs to be a regenerated product produced to encourage buyers to keep using them. Sales have not been what they were and people in the know have been happy to pass this story on.

Back in 2010 when Apple first launched the tablet they were flying off the shelves, but now the sales are not what they were. There are a number of reasons why the sales are dropping with the most obvious one being that the other companies have brought out a tablet of their own. There is also the fact that mobile phones are increasing in size again and the screens are considered big enough for the needs of many. If not a permanent solution, it is certainly enough to make users wait a little longer before getting their next iPad. In order to get back their share of the market and get customers buying again, Apple know that they need to up their game and get a new product out.

Sources say that there is already a new iPad in production and this one has a 9.7” screen and it will hit the market in the next quarter at the latest. Along with this there will also be an iPad mini with a screen size of 7.9” although this is not going to be released as early and is expected to be on sale by the end of the year.

While this information is claimed as fact by the sources, there has been less information provided by Apple. When asked to deny or confirm the fact that new products were to be made, Apples spokesperson refused to do so.

There is also information that there will be a concerted effort to get iPhones and iPads into the corporate market, as this is an area that has not yet been overrun with tablets. International Business Machines Corp has stated that they will be the company that will be working with Apple to these ends, and the hope is that it will be a catalyst to building up the sale of tablets again.

As sales of iPads is dropping – the last quarter showed that there had been a decrease in sales of 8% and while this was still over 13 million it is the second consecutive quarter that the sales have not been able to match the expectations set by Wall Street.