iPhone 6 Due To Hit Stores Next Month If Latest Reports Are To Be Believed

It does not seem to be that long ago that the iPhone 5 was released, but now the news is full of iPhone 6 being ready to hit the stores. There have been photographs leaked and the people responsible for this are said to be Feld and Volk the Russian designers. The pictures they have released shows a camera that protrudes and an embedded logo is also visible. The rumours of these aspects were first discussed some time ago and now the claim is that the logo is scratch proof, but only time will tell if that is accurate. The phone is due to be released at the beginning of September and many tech sites are ready and waiting to do a review.

When Weibo the Chinese site that first talked of the protruding camera back in April there was some doubt as to whether this was the case or not. Even though the leak came from a Foxconn supplier it could not be proven, but it does now seem that they were correct. When the launch happens in September a lot more will be known about both the new iPhone and iPad but stories of a few surprises are already doing the rounds.

As well as a 4.7” screen there is a bigger one and this will measure 5.5” – even bigger than the one on the Samsung Galaxy S5 as that is just 5.1”. The battery is also believed to be smaller and at just 2mm thick, will mean that the whole device can be thinner and lighter. In the same way that the iPad Air is smaller it is believed that the iPhone could be as thin. If this is the case, there will be a big advantage to the new phone as there are fears that as screens get bigger the phone has to be bigger. The reaction of users is something that we will have to report at a later date.

With regards to the camera, there is an idea that it will be possible to attach a lens in the same way that you can on a general camera. This will be a big advantage to users who want to take photographs but have never found that a phone provides them with the ability to be as professional as they would want to.

The next few weeks should show how much of these stories are true.