iPhone 6: Why It Will Be Bigger – Data Performance, Battery Life, Fitness Apps

more and more news updates are coming your way each day about the long-awaited iPhone 6 that is scheduled to debut this September. There have been lots of rumors about this latest iPhone. Well, while rumors are not completely dependable, there may be some traces of reality in certain rumors; for instance, in 2010, the rumors about certain features of the latest Apple phone (the iPhone 4) about to be released turned out to be true. This is because an Apple engineer went to a bar and forgetfully left the prototype of the phone there after buzzing.

However, one thing seems to be sure about the iPhone 6 slated to be released on September 9 during an Apple event; that one thing is clear, this latest iPhone will be bigger compared to the previous models (it will be available in multiple sizes at the least).

Concerning the size of the new iPhone, it is a welcome and desirable concept by iPhone lovers since the previous versions provide a display that looks rather puny, especially when put side by side Android and Windows phones. With all the multi-media content that comes with Apple, it’s not nice that Android and Windows gadgets are providing better display than the BIG APPLE phones. The news about Apple’s intention to step up the size of iPhone 6 to 5 inches (or something close)is already placing smile on the faces of iPhone fans and users.

The larger size of the iPhone 6 is also intended to boost battery life. Some of the tests carried out on leading gadgets such as Windows, Android, and Apple showed that the iPhone delivered far less talking hours on a single charge compared to its counterparts. The reason being that these counterparts have larger battery size compared to iPhones, which is the reason why they have more extensive battery life than the iPhone. It’s a simple chemistry rule that says you need a bigger battery to store more energy.

Another good news gathered about the forth-coming iPhone 6 is that the GPS hangup with the previous iPhones is likely to be fixed in this latest version. Unlike other phones with 4G feature, iPhones that run on CDMA cell networks often lose data connections in the course of voice calls.

Also, another great news about the iPhone 6 is the integration of fitness with the iOS 8 operating system of this phone. At least, one evidence is clear; the Health app that will keep count of miles walked, glucose levels, heart rate, as well as other vitals has already been developed.