Is “Fabric” A New Innovative App For Twitter Users

The worlds biggest website for the social circle, Twitter is on the way of innovation and grabbing the android user’s attention to their new ideas which implemented on their websites. After the introduction of the #discover and elaborating more feature on the Twitter, now this week they are splashing with the new features which are specially designed for the mobile users such a Windows, iOS and Android. The app has the platform of the mobile developer which is named as Fabric. The sole purpose of this new feature is to expand the access on the Twitter for the users who are registered on the website. Now the user could have a expanding access to their Twitter account timeline. They could access this feature through the applications of the third party.

If the user updates the Twitter App with the Twitter Kit, the component of the platform which allow the developers to authenticate the users through the Twitter and display the tweet which could be embedded easily within the apps. The developers could also able to combine the Twitter timelines, which are accessed through the Android or the iOS applications. They need to enter a few line codes before access.

Lastly the Twitter Kit is only supported for the embedding of the tweets through the mobile apps. It also styled them according to the theme which are used in the app. Now with the support on the timelines of the Twitter app, developers could enter code to display the full timelines in their app which requires minimal effort to complete. This enables the app for the user to access their account timeline. The timeline which could be accessed should be based on a single user account timeline. It also includes the search of the timelines. Such option will allow a developer of an app to display all the search results which are based on the key terms. It also relates to the relevant experience of the app which is used by the Android or the iOS mobile users.

With the embedding options of the Tweet, now all the settings are customized and contains a blend which have the theme of the app’s and if the user need to adjust the colors of the background and also the color of the text, then the process is simple.

The Citymapper app which is in the Transportation is the first app which is used on the timeline of the Twitter users and also integrate the timeline. Due to this, the customers could get the information about the public transportation updates, status and delays.

The other feature which is introduced by the Regal Cinemas is designed for using the timelines for the search integration, which also includes the user favorite movie reviews, news and other related information which is easily accessed through this application on the Twitter account timeline.

Contrary to this feature, the Twitter Kit has also a guest authentication feature which could be used by the other users to access each other timelines.