Is Google Will Be Another Competitor In Mobile Market?

The largest search engine Google is now planning to introduce its best mobile network plan in the country, which would be the competitor for the other mobile services which are currently operating in the United States of America.

The company is now giving the voice, data package to its users, which has a data capacity offer from the already operating operators in the country. The companies like T-Mobile and Sprint are now using the updated wifi, rather they prefer to build another infrastructure through this.

As the Project Fi introduced in the mobile market, they offered this service to the handset owners of the Nexus 6.

The Google, which is already a dominant power in the internet world, is coming with the new Google Fiber and it is believed that it would be the new gigantic high speed broadband service which is considered as the biggest disruptive power which could shake the telecom market with their new invention by taking the advantages of already grabbing the user attention. It seems, that Google wants to rule the technological world. To avail their dominate power, it could rule over the telecom world which is a serious threat to the already existent operating companies of the telecommunication.

With the cooperation of the Time Warner and Comcast, they offered their customers to boost their internet speed at an affordable price.

However, the Google is involved in the roll out of Fiber, for buying the infrastructure which is built by the companies that are demolished and are also using their own fiber optic cables. Through their own cables, now they could give the customers, the full authority and speed which could be effective for faster network speed offered by the telecommunication companies.

On the other hand, the experts predict that if a customer use the mobile network virtually which also depends on the equipment introduced by the rivals could give the tough competition to the Google Fiber service. It could also lessen the impact of the Project Fi on the other competitors.

In U.S the MVNO suggests, it is very tough for the operators bring the drastic change in the industry of their telecommunication. But they couldn’t consider their past for planning the future.  In the history of the telecommunication, no any industry which has already mastered in building the handset, later transformed into the mobile industry which are teaming as a one network market. The companies like AT&T and Apple are examples which already leading into the mobile market with their iPhone sets.

Now the Google is a newbie in providing the mobile network to its customers and as they are trying to change the direction of their business which is already leading in the world, it would be uncovered in the upcoming years, whether such new trend will work in favor of the Google.

The Google new Project Fi is currently available for the customers of the Nexus 6 users, which includes the GiffGaff, Tesco Mobile, Virgin and others.