Is It A Watch, Is It A Computer – No It’s The Meta M1 Smart Phone And Its Coming To A Store Near You Soon!

Now that you have grown up, you want to have a smart watch that shows your status then the Meta M1 is big on elegance and has a price tag to match. Although not available on the market until September, those who have seen it are giving it good reports and the word on the street is that it will be a resounding success.

Designed by Frank Nuovo, it is based more on appearance and had less of a geek credential. All plastics have been abandoned and instead there is stainless steel and a lovely design that is comfortable to wear, great to look at and will fit well under a shirt sleeve or jacket as it is not at all bulky. Most people who have viewed it however don’t want to hide it away but want to show it off to the world.

Nuovo made his name when he was working at Nokia and he became the designer that everyone remembered and as a result became head of design. He is responsible for the Vertu handset and former colleagues were not surprised when he moved over to MetaWatch. The excitement that went alongside his appointment is matched only by the expectation that is greeting the news that his watch is so close to going on sale.

The CEO of MetaWatch is proud of the watch and believes that it combines a great working product with a quality design. While it is a premium product, the price tag is not beyond many and shops are expecting there to be a demand when it goes on sale. It is believed that the price will range from $249 up to $449 and the difference in price can be explained by the strap that is chosen along with the type of finish.

Explaining a little more about the watch The CEO Bill Geiser is quoted as saying “the META M1 is a collection of premium timepieces that just happen to be smart,” before continuing to say that the company was proud to be making such beautifully designed watches and emphasizing that there was a great deal of attention to detail as well as including the technology that is desired in the modern world and that there was a great deal of time taken to give the consumer an ideal experience.

One thing that he has not explained is how the watch will compare to other electronic items – basically how much is it a designer phone and how much a smart phone. What is known is that there is an app that will connect it to an Android or Apple phone and allow a series of updates to be sent such as news, sport and weather updates.