Is The Apple Company’s Intervention With Automobile Companies A Success Idea?

On Saturday, the Apple company’s Marchionne claimed to the media in his California office, which have a certain number of members in a with the Elon Musk, Cook, Tesla boss and others, which is reported as Reuters. During the trip, the FCA chief also test drive the Google car which is specially designed for the new innovative idea of joining the automobile manufacturer for the new invention in the Apple Technology world. The company wanted to introduce its program in some powered cars.

To set the new technology trend in the technological world, the Apple is planning to bring some wonders in the automobiles which are launched by the biggest companies. Although the Marchionne denied the any new venture or ambition of the Apple technology. He explained that Cook is more interested in the Intervention of the Apple technology in the new upcoming car projects and this survey is his role, assigned by the Apple company.

According to the latest news, the Apple already started its one major field in the automotive industry and giving the much innovative plans in the CarPlay which is new and the best IOS in the car system. The CarPlay is specially designed for the entertainment, iPhones communication and the navigation system as it would be connected within the car.

Last March the Cook said that all the big name of the automakers are on under consideration of the joint venture or the business intervention. This will integrate the almost more than 40 models of the car collectively work with the Apple System.

The various successful automakers of the world such as Alfa Romeo, Ram Truck brand, Dodge, Chrysler, Ferrari and Abarth are in the line of the Apple system introduced in their car products to provide better performance and the advanced way to drive the car. Apple’s currently presenting its brand in more than 20% partners, which are under the consideration of the most advanced application CarPlay introduction in their vehicles.

In a recent meeting, with the Apple company’s Chief Mr. Cook, the Marchionne adds fuel to the rumors, which are based on the “Apple Car”, which will known as the electric automobile is under the development phase. The project name of this development is “Titan.”

Although the various ideas and efforts are working on this project, but its main attributes and the features are still mysterious till the project completed and launch into the automotive market. The vans already carrying the most advances packages of the sensor in this Titan project.

It is to be believed that the vehicles which are registered with the Apple are still the unannounced effort, which could bolster the Maps used by the Apple company in their apps for the automotive company.

According to the AppleInsider, it is reported that the Apple has already started its automotive projects, which are based on the California, Sunnyvale’s unmarked buildings. The place has the many warehouses which are outfitted with the repair and the garage facilities.