Issue OF Blurry Photos N Iphone 6 Plus Will Be Resolved Soon

Apple has claimed that it will fix the problem of blur photos which were taken by the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple has mentioned on its website that only those phones which were release during the period of September 2014 and January 2015 were giving this issue to the users. According to the company there may be any defective part in the cameras of these phones due to which photos captured from the phone were unclear.

It was only the back camera of the iPhone 6 Plus that was showing the problem while front camera was doing an absolutely fine job.

A good news for the customers is that the cameras would be replaced without paying any cost for that due to which Apple Company is being admired by many fans. Those customers who had to go through this problem can visit any service provide that should be authorized, any store of Apple and technical support can be contacted so that a swap can be set up. The issue cannot be fixed by the wireless carriers, noticed by Apple.

It can be checked by the owners of the phones that whether the inclusion of their phones is made in the recalling list of the company simply if they enter the serial number on the site. You can search the serial number by going to the “Settings”. The option of “General” in the settings is selected and then select “About”.

You may also find the serial number if you have the original box of the phone. It is written on that as well and also you can look for it on iTunes.