Japanese Court Warn Google Against The Posting Of Negative Business Reviews

The Google being the most important search engine on the internet faced many criticisms and cases against their actions which violate the laws. In a recent report, Google was warned by the Japanese court against their postings of the abusive and negative reviews on a local medical clinic web site. The Japanese court strictly ordered the Google to delete those reviews from the website and it should be avoided in the near future as it will adversely effect on the reputation of the clinic working in the Japan.

The reviews were claimed as older patients and their experience of the clinical treatment. According to the news, the Chiba Court has issued an injunction against the Google, which force the U.S company to delete the anonymous comments which are published on the website. The court sent a statement that the negative experience shared with the anonymous customers will not violate the policies of the search engine, but it is a false step to publish with the fake documentation of the medical treatment.

Various patients and the doctors who have experienced the clinic facilities responded to the news, that this false assumption against the medical clinic and it should be notified by the authorities.

The Court ordered that Google either has to delete all the false allegations and the comments which are published through its Google map service by the anonymous patients on the website or would be charged with the amount $2,494 which is almost equal to the ¥300,000. The comments should not be removed from the website but it should be removed globally from all the connecting links ordered by the Japanese court.

The case against the Google from the Japan court is not a new step. It has been filed a case against its actions from the last couple of years.

Google got an ordered from the Japan court in 2014, for a search result which was about the person and an offending statement against him. The court ordered to delete all the false results which expose the man’s crime to the world.

In a responding statement the Spokesman of the Google Mr Meadows claimed that

“We’re in discussion about the deletion of the business reviews published by some members on the Japanese clinic website. It is a defamation claim for the clinic operating in the territory of the Japan. We always provide tools which allow the customer as well as the business owners a platform to respond the customer reviews. We would delete all posts which will violate our website policies.”

The removal of such kind of public content is not easy. If other feedback which relates to the medical professionals were deleted because of its negative message to the world, then this will open another serious concern for the authorities which rule in the business world to easily scrub the negative response from the website.

With this concern, Google tried to appeal for this ruling, but overturning the court orders are strictly prohibited in Japan. For the last couple of years, Google is running a number of speech and privacy snafus in the Japan.