Jetpac App City Guides, Publically Launched Now

Originally launched in 2012, the Jetpac app searches through publicly available Instagram photos in order to create customized city guides. Using facial recognition, the app collates the available data to bring users together for a fun, happy experience. That’s the plan anyways. What it creates is, in the end, a custom city guide based on smiling faces. It was an app designed around travelers who often want to find out such things as what city is happiest, or the drunkest

Jetpac is one of the latest acquisitions Google has made, though there is no mention of what the search mogul will be applying Jetpac to.

Google could use such technology to boost its own social network, Google+. It could also addnew applications to Google’s already impressive search capabilities, creating a new, possibly more interactive search criterion. Jetpac’s technology is automated, the same as Google’s own web-searching tools. What is has that Google does not is facial recognition and sorting capabilities. Currently Google would need a human workforce to parse the sheer volume of pictures from across the web. With Jetpac’s technology the search could be reduced from minutes of search time, after hours of data collation, to seconds of social media photo searches.

Google has not yet said what specific purpose it has in store for Jetpac, nor has it released details about the terms of the deal.

Clearly part of the deal is for Jetpac to take its app from the Apple iOSApp Store, which is not entirely surprising. By September 15thJetpac will no longer be available for the iPhone.