Joh Krafcik Is Joining Google For Self-Driving Cars

Google has been looking towards its self-driving car program for which a car guy has been found. The name of the guy is John Krafcik who had remained as the CEO of Hyundai Motor America and also Product Development Executive with Ford Motor.

Before coming to accept the Google offer, John Krafcik was the president of TrueCar that is a site dealing in online sales of the cars.

Google cars are being tested on the roads and highways publically which are ensuring the latest generation of cars have come to the public use. The initiative was taken by the company with the attachment of the sensors and technology that is used in the self-driving cars with the cars that were actually made by the companies like Audi, Lexus or Toyota.

After the successful experiments, Google has now developed the cars which are new and unique and they are given a gum-drop shape specifically prepared for this program.

The Korean brand Hyundai was able to increase its sales by almost 50 percent during the tenure of John Krafcik. His success can be seen from that high jump of the revenues of the company.

The self-driving car is not allowed to be sold at the moment and the date for its availability is to be announced as well. It is also a question that is to be cleared by Google that whether the cars are going to be sold by the company itself or this latest technology will be licensed to the well-known and recognized automakers.

As Google has hired an executive who has significant amount of experience of sales, it indicates that the company might be planning to sell the cars itself rather than according to the previous expectations.

During the previous month, new corporate structure has been announced by Google and various units company have are going into divided into separate partitions from the central Internet business of Google. The program of self-driving will be included in Google X.

The questions which were asked from Google about the hiring of John Krafcik had not been given any response. The new position of Krafcik was confirmed by TruCar and Automotive News. Also a tweet had come from Krafcik that he is going to join Google at the end of the month.

Through self-driving cars, Google has set an aim to protect the number of lives of people and give them greater mobility and they will also be able to get rid of the things that are found to be frustrating regarding the driving these days.