Join E-Bay And Get Exciting Shopping Offers

The e-bay is the best online shopping port which is offering trendy and latest products of different categories to its customers. The company was founded on 3rd Septemeber, 1995 by Pierre Omidyar (Chairman) and John Donahoe (CEO) in the United States. The company has multi-billion dollar business and have franchise in different countries. Since 1995, ebay has been giving best quality services to its customers with the latest trend and with the quick delivery services of online shopping products at the customers door step, it is always the highest rating shopping site for its customers. The customers could get the exciting and surprising offers in their registered accounts.

Ebay is also the best online auction company which provides its people and businesses, a platform to sell, buy or auction their shopping products i-e variety of goods and services world-wide with other customers.

With the best selling style of auction, ebay website now offers its valued customers “Buy It Now” shopping facility which help them to easily shop by ISBN, UPC, Online classified advertisements like eBay classified and Kijiji, or which is kind of SKU and StubHub which is best event trading ticket online. The payments are made online through the most reliable money transfer services like PayPal and others.

The user who sell or auction their shopping items which were listed from the eBay shopping lists for the other users, has to pay invoices as a sellers fee by the eBay as its not the free website for such businesses.

To get lucky with the ebay exciting updates about the ebay deals and offers the customer need to register their account on the official website of the ebay. With the registration, the users now avail its buying, auction and selling services easily.

Important Instructions before Register on eBay:

Before registration of the account at the eBay official shopping website, the user need to provide valid information as email, or other contact information, so that the company could contact them. Moreover the confirmation email would be delivered to the valid email account as given by the member on the registration form. The user must have an effective internet speed and computer to browse eBay official website for sell, buy and auction of purchase items.

Registration of eBay Online Shopping Account:

  • Click on the link
  • As required, fill the customer information form, i-e First name, Last Name, Email (you will get an account confirmation email with your given email address) and Password.
  • Enter numbers which are printed as an image in the box given.
  • By clicking on the “REGISTER”, you agree with the eBay account terms and conditions.