Laptops And Tablets Are Soon To Benefit From Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant Cortana If Reports Are To Be Believed

Reports that are appearing discussing Cortana the virtual assistant that is about to be launched by Microsoft are certainly bigging it up as they are using words such as amazing and outstanding. It is believed that it will appear on tablets and laptops at the same time that Windows 9 is released.

For anyone who has followed the techie blog Neowin and knows how accurate a lot of their reports have been this will be good to hear. They are reporting that it has been seen in action in some of the earliest of the latest Microsoft software updates. There has been a sighting by them in the past, but they report that with the latest one it is clearly more advanced and looks to be a lot closer to being a product that can be released to the public. When asked about it, Brad Sams was happy to talk about it and has described the progress as:-

“The good news here is that Cortana has ‘graduated,’ ……………… Cortana is (at) a ‘let us push this forward and see if we can ship it’ stage.”

If things go to plan and Windows 9 does see the debut of Cortana than it is likely that she will appear as an app on the desktop. Once the app is launched it will open in a new but smaller window and it is here that you will either speak your question or type it in. This is considered to be a step up from a screen covering object as it is on the Windows phone.

Since it was added to the Windows Phone 8.1 it has been likened to Google Now in as much as its main purpose seems to be to find out about you. As Microsoft has made it as easy to use as possible by making it as human as possible and one way that this has been achieved is by making it possible to talk in a more natural way than the usual command type statements.

Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft has recently contacted employees by email and explained that Cortana is only beginning and the future for Windows is an experience that “will become more connected to each other, more contextual and more personal.”

The next few months should bring a lot more information from Microsoft as in the fall of 2014 Windows 9 is supposed to undergo a developer’s preview.