Latest Nexus Phones Are Launched By Google

Google announced its new smartphones Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P this week along with the latest device known as Chromecast Audio. Also an updated version of Chromecast stick and a date for the launch of Android Marshmallow was announced.

After the announcement of the new iPhone and Apple TV by Apple and updates of the Amazon devices, Google has also upgraded its devices to join them. Through its updates, Google has given a message to its fans and rivals that the hardware is also being focused by the company and those who think that it is just a side project they are proved wrong.

Currently, 1.4 billion people are actively using the android and new Android Marshmallow will be available next week and will create an impact of hardware of the company.

The latest smartphone of Google, Nexus 6P is the one on which everyone has set eye because of the star feature of the phone which is a camera of 12.3 MP specifically optimized to take photos when the light is low.

Huawei has produced this phone with a big camera, fingerprint sensor and a USB-C port, which all are present at the back of the phone. But 6P is giving the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. The price of the phone begins from $499.

Another phone Nexus 5X which is $120 cheaper that has been made by LG and also consists of some amazing features as 6P has. The features include USB-C Port and powerful camera etc. the cost of the phones starts at $379.

Both Nexus 6P and 5X are available at the online stores of the Google to pre-order. Google acknowledged that the sales of its Nexus smartphones series has not been a great success and the graph of the earning through them is going downward
but an appreciating effort of the company is that it did not stop making the phones rather it tried even harder to bring more positive changes in the smartphones so that the demand can be increased.

A Chromecast stick through which videos can be streamed to the TV, has been a successful device of Google the evidence of which is its sale of over 20 million devices all over the world.

Now the new Chromecast stick has been changed into a stick which hangs from HDMI port. It cannot seen while it is connected to the back of the TV and Google has claimed that the quality has been improved and now the viewers can enjoy the better streaming for high resolution videos.

The device is available in new different colors and new apps have added as well for Chromecast that include CW Seed, Showtime and NFL Sunday Ticket.