Latest Twitter Update Comes With A New Homescreen

If you’re using Twitter on your smartphone, you won’t be affected by the company’s latest update on their website. Twitter introduces a new welcome screen for both old and new users. This update is focused on getting more followers since the company seemed to think 270 million users as a small number.

Twitter has updated the way they greet new users by changing their sign-up process and sign-up page. While you probably don’t see this as a big thing, Twitter’s product manager, Christian Oestlien will oppose you; in fact, according to him, the process took “months” and the update is the first major in three years.

What makes this important is that Twitter has always wanted to discover more ways for new customer to find immediate value out of their service. Additionally, the company has been trying to tell investors for the last few months that they do, in fact, have a bigger audience than their 271 million active users. How so? According to the company, they have more people who view tweets from other platforms but don’t go to Twitter, or people who visit the service but don’t sign up.

The new updates more likely address these issues. One of the changes made is in the site’s homescreen. When you visit, you will be welcomed with a variety of images from recent tweets with their original captions as well as links. It may be irrelevant for old users but it makes more sense for newbies. It’s giving them a sense of understanding of what they are bound to get or experience when they sign up.

Another update now allows newcomers to choose topics that interest them during the sign-up process and then offers recommendations based on these topics of interest. The recommended profiles will be automatically followed by the newcomers and they will be forced to deselect the profiles that don’t interest them once they’ve created their profile.

Twitter also suggests first-time users who to follow and while before the microblogging service seemed to direct users to follow celebrities, now, with its latest update, you’ll still get a list but this time, people you already know and not as popular as celebrities have also made the list.

Over the last month, Twitter has introduced several updates, including the new “popular tweets” feature where users can view interesting and relevant content in their timelines even if they are not following the user where the tweet originated from. In a more recent update, Twitter has also announced that they will be removing images of the deceased upon the request of their family or loved ones. Each request is subjected to a review first before the company will remove the images.

There are also rumors that Twitter is also interested in e-commerce by introducing in-tweet Buy buttons to allow businesses to sell items to users of the social network. While we still have to wait for that official update, we’re left to try these most recent updates within the microblogging site, although you may have to use visit Twitter’s website or create a new account to experience these changes.