Launch Of The New Nintendo, 3ds Model In The Coming Month!

It’s the announcement of Nintendo that they are introducing their new and updated version of 3D XL handed in the coming month. It is having more up to date features and having many control options and the build in close field communication.

This new 3DS Nintendo will be publically available from February 13, with price of 199 dollars. It’s going to be in black and red colors. It is also making a gold model after getting impressed by the classical game “The Legend of Zelda” in the form of fourth model will be available merely at the Gamestop that monster hunter based.

It’s up to date version is having 3DS face tracking that Nintendo said will keep constant experience of watching from all right angles. The number of lights of Nintendo can bring enthusiasm in the market .The figure is going to be super smash 3DS.This device is also having upgrade versions for the cameras.

The NFC support is a part of it which means that this 3D model can also support amiibo game as Nintendo’s perfect players can bring life inside the video game. These figures are going to get support in one more Super bash games. This device is also helpful in upgrading the camera and the performance of its working.

As for amiibo, which started Nintendo gives a new set of instructions to be followed based on the game franchise will be coming in March. They names included are Mario, Luigi, Peach and a number of other games. Additional characters that are having video game icon which is Pac-Man will be introduced in this spring season.

The people are the fans of Nintendo are waiting desperately for the arrival of this game as they are holding craze for this game that cannot be replaced by anything else. The updated version of the 3DS XL is quite a handful with perfect quality. The results of the images by its camera can also be changed to the level of the digital camera. This device will be very soon provided publically and the people will take interest in it.