Likely To See A New Web Browser By The Microsoft!

Is there a plan by the Microsoft to launch a new web browser other than their old Internet Explore?

Well, the plan seems like very much into the expectations as the Microsoft is working on a new web browser that they will be launching soon in the future – According to the sources.

Microsoft, until now has been updating the Internet Explorer (IE) regularly, but not crafting a new web browser like the other hot rivals in the industry like the Firefox or the Chrome or even the Safari by the Apple. The last update seen by the Microsoft for the Internet Explorer (IE) was Internet Explorer 11 that they have updated in the last year.

According to the sources – The Microsoft has been planning and working on an entirely brand new edition of the web browser under the Microsoft’s name and it will be the “codenamed Spartan” that will not be going to hit the radar as an upgrade for the Microsoft’s old long running IE.

That means that the users are going to experience an all new experience of a web browser by the Microsoft.

According to the report – The new web browser by the Microsoft will give the users an experience like the other rival browsers Google Chrome and the Firefox. Last year, the only update that has been seen by the Microsoft about the web browser was the update to their old Internet Explorer and that was Internet Explorer 11.

The Microsoft’s Internet Explorer comes with the Microsoft’s Windows OS and all the PC owners know this fact, but as the other alternative browsers like the Firefox, Google Chrome and the Safari browser by the Apple are taking away the IE users by capturing them, the Microsoft has now have to look for the one that can offer them the alike feel and experience.

A research by the Adobe revealed that the Google Chrome outdone the Internet Explorer as most popular web browser in US – According to the report.