Location History Easily Accessible In Google Maps

Although, Google has the ability to store your location but it was not easy to track the information. Now Google has made it easy for you to know about your location if it is allowed to it by you. Timeline feature will always be at the front and centers in the Google Maps and it will let you know every place you visit.

The timeline of the Google Maps should not be confused with the Timeline of the Facebook where every friend of yours is allowed to see the shared things. Google Timeline will show the locations which you have visited only to you and you are the only one who has the authorization to have a look at the Maps history and deletion of any specific location or you may remove the whole Timeline if you want.

Google is providing you the service of making your own personal scrapbook where no one can interfere and you can save your memories and see them again whenever you like without doing anything yourself. Google will be the one who is doing the task of saving information for you.

Interestingly your friends will not be able to comment or make arguments with you over your personal visits. Google Maps are letting you remember and view the places you have visited which will also remind you the dates of the visits stored according to the years and months.

Location history is not the only thing Google is providing but also you will be able to see the geotagged photos from a given day right from the Maps app. The spots can be renamed as you want them to, it will make convenience for you to remember them and view them.

If you enable the location in you Google Maps, you will also get Now notifications that includes the information regarding traffic and accidents and you may also get the reminders for your car parking.

Earlier when the geotagged photos were restricted to the Photos App only and if you wanted to search the history of your location, it would require you to have a thorough look into the settings of the Google account which would take much time than it takes now as now you can find all the information at a single place and there is no need to have deep search into the account settings to know about the location history you are interested in.

Perhaps the time line is not being visited by many of the users who have to visit the same places daily or weekly but it is fun to remind the places you have visited which are a part of their memories.