Logging Onto Facebook In Work Is No Longer Frowned Upon As Companies See The Benefits Of Using The Site.

At one time being caught using Facebook in works time would be a disciplinary matter for some and at least it is likely that there would be a warning flash on the screen announcing that the amount of time you had been there was being logged. Now according to the latest report it is seen as an asset to a firm if they have staff that are able to use social media sites and in some cases it is going to give a direct advantage when it comes to applying for positions.

Having staff that are active on social media is good for the company as they can be used to increase their online presence. As it is now considered that social media is one of a number of marketing tools that companies can use, especially to target younger people.

The downside is that there are people giving themselves titles that they are not entitled to and companies often do not realize until it is too late. There are no qualifications that can be obtained in relation to social media and as there are not any regulations either, there is nothing to stop anyone with a Facebook account describing themselves as experts.

Figures show that there has been almost a 300% rise in people marketing themselves as social media specialists and news has been received that all online workers are in demand.

The Director of Deloitte Digital Mathew Guest has been speaking about this and has stated that whereas Twitter and Facebook were the only sites, now “newer social sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram, are becoming increasingly interesting to corporates”

This is not a view held by everyone and one person strongly against the use of social media in this way is James Hick, Manpowers UK MD. He is not against the use of the sites, but feels that “experts” should not be taken as such as there is no way for them to back up their claims. As more and more companies are turning to social media, this has to change.

Pinterest have found that there are people who have a basic understanding of the site there is a gap in the market when it comes to finding people who “understand the nuances of the platform”.

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, who founded People PerHour, said: “The internet revolution ……….has also spawned a new and vibrant jobs market.”

It seems that only time will tell if there will ever be a way to tell a social media expert from a social media user.