Lookout Put New Plans In Place To Protect The Phones Of Customers From Around The World

It has been announced that there are plans underway to put $150m funding to use developing products and services according to Lookout the mobile security firm. They are already partnering EE and a spokesperson for Lookout has said that a lot of this funding will be put towards mobile threat analytics. At a time when there are more and more threats being carried out and a larger percentage of the world carries a mobile phone, there are more chances for people to be conned and plenty of people prepared to con them.

Lookout have also told users that the information that it is able to collect from its partners will allow it to offer “Whole Population Security Analytics”. Machine intelligence will be used to pick up the threats that are incoming and Lookouts customers will be safe in the knowledge that the company will be making predictive security decisions. Knowing that the device will be secure should give people the confidence to buyer top quality phones and take out decent contracts.

When asked about the plans, the CEO Jim Dolce has stated that security is important to Lookout and as a result of the advanced analytics and mobile focus, they will be able to keep devices through from many of the numerous threats that are circulating. Identifying the problem is the first stage, and eradicating it is the next. When asked about the project he said – “With this new funding………we are best equipped to deliver the solutions large enterprises need to protect their businesses…”

Reports have not yet gone further than this and anything beyond what has already been reported remains unclear. So far Lookout have not given out too much in the way of details when it comes to any alterations that will be made to any of the existing services or technologies they provide.

Interested parties are still not even sure how any of the new systems are going to be manufactured or even how or when the solutions will go on sale. Questions have been asked regarding this, but so far there has not been an answer given and the only comments have been the previously mentioned ones made by the CEO.

Google Android phones seem to be the ones that are most at risk from the activities of hackers and new ones seem to appear every day. As around 200,000 Android devices were infected by the Koler “Police” ransom ware users believe that the sooner this work is completed the better.