Loss Of Data Due To Lightening Issue For Google

Google faced a serious problem in shape of the loss of its data when during the last week, 4 times an incident happens and the incident was the strike of lightening to a utility grid which is close to one of the data centers of Google. The data loss was although very small but the loss is permanent.

On 13th August, an electric storm hit the cloud storage of the company due to which a tiny power loss was occurred. There was the backup facility available and it activated but still some of the data was unable to be recovered.

Google has computing tasks that need high power and these tasks are to be performed through large servers of the company. Through the servers, this service is given to the business customers of Google and service is called “Google Compute Engine”.

All the services related to consumers like YouTube, Gmail and Google Drive were safe during the incident and they were not harmed.

Google said that regarding the data of Western Europe, no loss has been observed in the disk space. The loss in that area is only 0.000001 percent but even then the data is not lost permanently because the data was copied to many other servers.

An official of a French startup, Azendoo, Charley David told that the business was closed for almost twelve hours and only a small part of the data had been recovered by Google while the company itself had to retrieve the largest portion of the data. But fortunately, because Google had the data of Azendoo company saved to its data center at another place that is why there is no big problem for the company.

Google has admitted its responsibility on that and it has advised the customers who have been affected due to the incident that they should use other services of Google as well to make a backup of their data so that if any such loss happens again, that would not be permanent.

Persistent Disks and Google Compute Engine both were placed in one data center of Google that is why the exposure to disaster was more probable.

A technology communications official of Proper Villains, Aaron Trubic appreciated the effort of Google and said that the distribution of data is required to be in more than one data centers because the vulnerability of the data at one center is possible. This fact is known by Google and the zone which faced the problem would be the only one left to be upgraded on which Google has been working.

Google has publically made an apology to its customers and ensured that the company has given the priority to improve these aspects so that the customers can rely more easily on the company.

A former worker of Google, Joe Beda told that the lightening issue was a very minor one for the company as there are many other problems which have to be faced by Google. He also appreciated that Google is always very quick in overcoming such issues