Low Income Houses Will Be Able To Use Solar Energy Now

Trends have been changing and people are gradually moving towards Solar Panels for the energy. There are many people who want to utilize the solar energy but they cannot afford it due to the high cost. The high upfront costs and maintenance costs of the panels make households hesitant to use them.

Measures for the solar panels have been drawn by the White House. The target is to provide the facility of solar panels to the low income housing and the expansion of the access to solar powers for the rentals. This would encourage the residents to utilize the energy at low and discounted prices.

The measures for the panels include the federal guide lines which should be clearly defined and the concern is that in what way federal money can be utilized by the local authorities for the financing of the solar panels and the access to over $520 million in new capital from foundations, local governments and social impact investors.

Solar panels are to be put on the public property with the help of which supply of clean power is made possible to renters or those who cannot put these solar panels on their roof. Due to this installation of these solar panels and the utilization of energy through this source, residents can save on their monthly electric bills 10% to 20% by using the electricity from solar panels.

Another main target to achieve through these solar panels installation is to triple the amount of power and produce up to 300 megawatts of electricity or the power which could provide the facility of electricity on discounted prices to at least 50,000 homes. The focus is on making the standards of the pollutions strict around fossil fuels and producing the cleaner energy in which support for the renewables is also given.

Since 2010, the costs for the installation of solar panels have changed with the big amounts, almost 50 percent of the prices fell down since then and more of the solar power was brought online every three weeks during the last year than in the entire 2008.

Although the increase in the use of solar energy has been seen and many people are now switching to the solar power for the cleaner energy and discounted bills but still it has been found out that there are less than one percent people in the entire country who are using this source of energy.