Mac Computers Are Attacked By Dangerous Malware

Macintosh computers are being threatened by two bugs which can cause some serious damages to them and your computers will be even in complete control of the hackers.

Latest vulnerability has been disclosed by the security researches with the help of which hackers are able to install adware like VSearch and it would not ask about your password from you.

VSearch is a bad malware that disturbs you by filling your Mac with pop-up ads and not letting you to use Google for the search purpose rather prompts you to move to another different search engine.

Stefan Esser who is a German security researcher did not tell about this bug to the Apple Company rather he chose to first tell the public about the bug and its risks for the Mac computers. He made this information public on his blog.

A security company, Malware Bytes using its blog post, informed that the bug has already been utilized by the hackers which were discovered by Stefan Essen and Hackers are engaged in attacking Macs using the brand new weakness. The company also requested Esser to give his comments on the blog which he did not do.

The benefit is taken by the bug of the way that Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) decides that through which programs alterations in your computer can be brought without your password. A secret file is used to make a list of these programs by Yosemite which is known as Sudoers. But the malware gets a way to be listed in the Sudoers file as well with the help of the bug.

So this arises the issue that any file can be easily installed by the malware in your system.

MalwareBytes also told what it discovered about the software. According to the company, the notorious Mac malware which was installed by the hackers include VSearch, Mac Keeper and Genieo, and its function is to launcha pop-up window and this pop-up window that tells the Mac’s owner to install the Download Shuttle app on the Mac App Store.

Esser also told about one thing that has been fixed by Apple, according to him the company fixed the bug in an upcoming patch to Yosemite and also in the beta version of OS X 10.11 (EI Capitan). Malware Bytes added that Apple had got the information about this vulnerability issue through a security researcher who goes by “@beist“ on Twitter. He told Apple about the bug earlier than Esser came to know about that.

Another serious bug was discovered by other security researchers that was able to create more serious effects as it can give the permanent control of the Mac to the hacker. We have heard that the most dangerous malware can be removed from the computer once the operating system is reinstalled but this malware sits in the firmware of the computer which is responsible for booting up your computer.

The only way to get rid of the malware is the reprograming of your chips electrically which is not known by many people.