Log In To USPS To Update Your Address Order Online

United States postal Service is letting you to update, change and view your address either through postal mail or online. For this purpose you have to access website of USPS and provide five digit zip code along with confirmation code to sign in to your account and get access to your address. Which will lead you to change it quickly, you can update your phone number, starting and ending dates or new address. Follow given below set of detailed instructions to change your address anytime.

Set of Requirements:

  • You are required to have a personal computer or laptop or any other similar device
  • You must have internet connection available on system
  • You need to keep your zip code in hand along with confirmation code which you have got from USPS

Step by Step Guides:

  • First of all you have to open a website of United States Postal Service in order to view, update or cancel your current address of USPS.
  • Add official URL of website into address bar of browser. You can get link of website from here managemymove.usps.com
  • Now you have to add 5 digits new zip code in marked field of text along with sixteen digits confirmation code in marked blank.
  • You will get a confirmation code through email or it would be printed on confirmation of your change address which will be sent to your new address.
  • Click on button of “Submit” to get access to your order
  • Now you have to sign in to your account to change your address of United States postal services.