Many Apps Are Banned By Apple Which Were Gathering The Personal Information Of The Users

Large number of apps have been deleted from the iTunes App Store by Apple as the personal information of the users was save due to those apps. When those apps were downloaded, the users were exposing their information them. To stop this secret collection of the information, Apple has banned these apps.

There were total 256 apps and most of them belonged to the Chinese makers but you could have accessed these apps from anywhere in the world. After the discovery of the problem, it has also been disclosed that they had been downloaded more than 1 million times.

For the creation of the apps, a Chinese advertising company made the software development kit which was used by the makers. The name of the company is Youmi and the developers were allowed by the software kit to place ads in the apps.

But the software began to gather the information of those people by whom the apps were downloaded that included their iPhone serial numbers and the email addresses. All of the data was being sent by the software to the server of Youmi which is against the policy of Apple for the app makers.

The software was developed by Youmi in a way that the fact about the saving of the data of users was hidden from the makers of the apps as well as the iTunes App store.

The names of the apps were not given by SourceDNA to Apple rather only the problem was identified by that after which the apps were removed from the store.

Apple commented on the matter that violation of its privacy guidelines and security has been done by the Chinese company. SDK will not be remained in the App Store in the future and if there is submission of the new apps in the store with the same SDK, then it would face the rejection.

There is no fault at the side of the developers of the apps as Youmi was the one which disguised everyone. According to Apple, the company is trying to work along with the developers of the apps so that their apps are updated. By this, the users would be guaranteed that there is no issue of their safety. Unless the apps are fixed, they will be kept banned from the App store.

This is not the first lapse in the security of the store of Apple during the previous month as there were more apps which had been banned last week because of getting into the encrypted communications between the phones when they were installed.