Martine Rothblatt, The Most Powerful Business Woman In America Has A Secret: She Is Transgender

Only 5% of the companys from “Fortune 500” are headed by women. And Martine Rothblatt is one of these iron ladies. She is the CEO and founder of United Therapeutics, a powerful pharmaceutical company in America.

But what draws everyones attention are not the money she makes, but the fact that Martine was born a man.

Martine Rothblatt is 59 years old and she consideres that she is not a model for women who are looking for a successful career. Why? It is very simple: because she was born a man and she became a woman 20 years ago. She says “ I can’t say that I obtained my success like a woman because I was a man almost half of my life”.

Martine changed her sex when she was 39, in 1994 when he was already married. His wife didn’t leave him after becoming a woman. From that moment on she wanted people to call her Martine and her grandchildren call her “ grandmother Martine”.

Her wife, Bina Aspen married Martine when she was a man, 33 years ago. She still jokes about the fact that she married a man and ended up living with a woman. She doesn’t consider herself a lesbian. She just says that she is a “Martine-lover”. She made up this word because she wanted everyone to know that she sloves Martine beyond her gender.

Martine has 4 kids which call her “father” in private and “Martine” in front of other people. In 1995, a year after she had her operation, Martine published her book called “ The Apartheid of Sex” which is a manifest for transgender people who consider that genital organs are irrelevant for the role someone has in society.

Martin was born in a jewish family and was a smart child who wanted to know the world. That is why he dropped out of college after one year and started traveling. He eventually came back and finished his studies. In 1979 he meet Bina, his wife. They were both single parents: Bina had a 3 years old boy and Martin had a daughter.

The Rothblatt family never had money but Martin started having success as a district attorney specialized in international law for outer space. After that, he opened his own business called Sirius Radio which offered satellite communications.

When his wife told him she accepted his wish of becoming a woman he started the change. The transformation process included hormonal treatments and therapies. The surgery was the hardest part because his kids had to face mean comments from colleaques when they went to school.

In the mid’90s, Martine entered the pharmaceutical industry because she wanted to find a cure for a serious disease that one of her four sons , Jenesis, had. That is how she founded United Therapeutics where, as a manager, she holds 7.5% of the company. These shares bring her considerable incomes every year.