Messenger Will Earn Money For Facebook

Facebook claims that the use of its messenger has increased for the business communications and looking at this increased rate, company has decided to bring some changes in the messenger with the addition of the new features that are made solely for the businesses. By this addition, it will be recognized as a more important channel for various brands to have communication with their customers.

Head of the ads and pages at Facebook, Andrew Bosworth told that the company is looking forward to make a strategy through which it is going to earn money by using the messenger although it has still not being disclosed that how the company is actually going to make money from that but ideas are there and implementation is expected very soon

According to Bosworth, commerce will be initiated by a business for the starters. Moreover, repeated customers will be brought in or through the messenger, discounts may be offered. This kind of communication is very meaningful and that is why the demand of the Facebook will be more among the companies who will be asking for the assistance in the automation of the process. Here M can be discussed, artificial intelligence Messenger assistant was debuted by the Facebook during the previous month.

Through M, people are getting help in the things for example making reservations for the restaurants and ordering for the flowers. The companies will be able to get the automation of the communications and purchases with the users of the Facebook

Probable another thing would be the click-to-message ad feature that is reported to be tested by the company internally. Those who use Facebook can open a private Messenger conversation for the business by clicking on any of the ads there.

The support of the new features like customers service chats in to the Messenger and the payments are significant because the Messenger is being used by over 700 million every month.

Oculus Rift has been owned by Facebook which is the creator of the VR headsets which are most ardently anticipated and are expected to come out during the upcoming year. The virtual reality has been discussed by Bosworth by entering the feature more deeply and expected that they will be sold things by the companies in virtual reality.

According to Bosworth, ads will be the part of this experience as if the ads are not included, then it will be made less lifelike.