Metal Changed In Slippery Form By Laser, Bounces Off The Water!

Story highlights:

The scientists are trying to create a metal that will repel water away.

A number of appliances in daily use are being created by metal. Mostly metals are destroyed by water and cause them to rust and decay as well.

By the help of a laser method metal can compete with water.

The scientists from the University of Rochester are trying to put forward a method by the use of extremely detailed laser methods that enables metals to become super hydrophobic. In other you can say that they repel water away from them.

The chances are that they will create some kitchen ware for this purpose. They don’t have to worry for Airplanes to do the process of de-icing because they water cannot freeze an air craft.

The system of poor water and sanitation in the countries is an idea worth implementation by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation that was in the favor of collecting funds for the project.

Guo who is the project manager did his experimentation on a number of things in order to get the required results. According to him they worked on a number of materials which include a list of metals and nonmetals as well like the glass, paper and a variety of other things. The result was very strong if a drop of water was dropped on the low area of surface, it was at once moving in upward direction. This result actually encouraged them to move further.

In this process a number of metals like titanium, brass etc was used by the scientists as they were finding a variety of metals for this purpose.

This process is merely possible to be performed in the laboratories yet where they have to treat each sample inch by inch and they have to use short amount of laser for a second and even more less time period. The scientists are quite positive that they will be able to bring this project on industrial level very soon.