Microsoft: About To Drop Nokia And Other Windows Phone Brands!

According to the reports, the Microsoft is about to drop the Nokia and the other Windows Phone Brands from its marketing material, probably in the phone’s upcoming holiday campaigns. An internal document was received to the website GeeksOnGadgets and that internal document was later confirmed by The Verge that it is an authentic one. According to that internal document, the Microsoft is all set to drop the manufacturer name, Nokia in the company’s Holiday campaigns.

It’s not a surprise to hear that Microsoft is dropping the Nokia and other Windows Phone brands because it was a clear indication in September 2013, when Microsoft acquired the Finish Company for $7.2 billion. And this should also not be surprising for those viewers and users who have seen the latest company commercials for its new phones. This can be perceived as the company’s new strategy and it must not be surprising for anybody.

If you have seen the new commercial for the Lumia 930, then you has must noticed it that there were no mentions of Windows Phone. Even the Window Phone was not mentioned in the company’s new promotional videos apart from the Cortana 30 second ads where the Windows Phone was present only in a small URL that was in the last part of that video.

This new move from the Microsoft looks like a new plan to offer a new operating system. The company has been obliged to take decision on branding an OS that can run on both the phones and the tablets at the same time as it’s gearing up to unite its Windows Phone OS with the Windows RT. The competitors like the Android and Apple already have the operating system that can be run both on tablets and mobiles.

As we know that the Microsoft has the phones that run on the Windows OS, For PCs and tablets, they use windows 8.1 and they use Windows RT for the tablets. It confuses the consumers sometimes and the Microsoft has perhaps realized the fact that there should be a single OS that can be run on all the Microsoft devices.

As the software company is gearing up to release the Windows Threshold (which will debut as the Windows 9), then we can guess for the Microsoft’s new plan. According to a report, the upcoming Windows release will bring regular updates rather than coming up with the big successors. The main target of the Microsoft is perhaps to get the things simpler and to simplify its brand. According to the news, it is also expected that the upcoming release will just be called as “Windows” rather than Windows 9.

The Microsoft has not yet announced anything officially about its rebranding efforts. But, the spokesman of the company said, “Nothing to share” when he was asked about dropping the Nokia brand and the Windows phone brands. But, the planning and the vision of the Microsoft are quite clear, and that is to “drop the Nokia and other Windows Phone brands”.