Microsoft Clip Art! No More…

Go to the “Insert” tab, then to the “Picture” and at the end, the Clip Art!

That seems to be getting an image to the word document. Isn’t it? Yes, but no more! Microsoft has decided to end the Clip Arts and now, they won’t be available anymore. Before the emergence of the search engines, you were required to get the above steps done in order to place a picture in your word document.

Now, you can find quite easily find a picture of something you need to demonstrate on your word document straight away from the Google.

Well, the Microsoft in their latest statement has said that they are just about to close the Clip Art shop and they are going to get it replaced with the “Bing Image Search” – said this week.

In 1993, when the Microsoft announced the addition of the Clip Arts as the part of the Word 6.0 and at that time, only a set of 82 images was included in that. After that, a few years after the Microsoft shifted that Clip Art portfolio online and there they were hosting over 100,000 images at that time.

That means that the progression of the Microsoft Clip Art got started in the early 90’s and it was like a charm at that time for all the Office 6.0 users. Of course, regardless of the set of only 82 images, it was something new for the Office 6.0 users at that time.

Although the search engines have even a wider selection of different images to select from, but getting the images from the search engines also create some issues. The issues didn’t look good to the users at the time they are working with their word documents and sometime, it makes an annoyed feeling.

Sometimes, you find an online image that will have the copyright protection and it will determine the original owner of that copyright and it can be a big hassle. It’s a hassle because to get permission to use a particular image is not an easy thing always.

That is the main reason why the Microsoft has made active a “Creative Commons” filter for the copyright issue when anyone inserts an image into the office document through the Bing. Links will be provided to you by the company about the copyright information review as to see whether the images can be appropriately licensed.

But still, the users are responsible for giving the respect to the other’s rights that also includes the “copyright” – Microsoft in a blog post.

Microsoft killed the Clip Art this year that was revealed in the early 90’s and it was so popular at that time holding a set of 82 pictures for the Word 6.0. In March, Microsoft had also killed off the highly popular MSN Messenger that was a chat service for the millions of the users and acquired more than 300 million members all around the world. But now, the MSN Messenger was surpassed by the Facebook, Google and other chat application.