Microsoft Has Launched Office 2016

The most fruitful and effective product of Microsoft is its Office. Since 90s, the product has been providing hand to the users who can do many tasks by using it but the way of working in the software is caught in the 90s era. Now the work can be done in many other modern and better ways through Slack, Trello and Google Apps.

These new apps gives the opportunity to the people of working in the way that is more of the kind of 21st century. The benefits of using them are that documents can be edited and work can be shared by attaching bundle of documents simultaneously.

Microsoft launched its new Office software 2016. The changes are subtle and would not be noticed at once among Office 2013 and Office 2016 but these are very important as the convenience is given in this new version for the sharing, collaboration and editing of the documents simultaneously in Word. You can notice some colors that are bolder and another change in the looks is the search bar that is put at the tops.

More changes include an addition of the share button which placed at the top right corner. You may talk on skype with the coworkers. And the option is available for you within the Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Outlook can be used to create group conversations and a team works together on documents which are saved in OneDrive cloud storage.

General Manager of Office, Jared Spataro said that despite of almost similar user interface, the release is a huge one and the concept has been changed from “me work” to “we work”.

The features could have been the part of the Office very earlier but the company had kept them behind the curtain because there was hesitation on behalf of the users who have been using the software for their work for many years.

Microsoft has actually added the collaboration features in the latest version of Office in a way that did not alter the things people were habituated to do their work. .

To share the document in Office 2016, Outlook email will have to be opened in which a file of Word is attached. The file reaches the recipient which will be shown to him as a word fie as well but in actual it is a hyperlink to another file which is located on OneDrive and the document can be edited by both sender and the receiver and then it can be reattached to another email.

Office is considered to be the finest tool for email, spreadsheet, word processing and presentations and is being used by the workers for long time as essential tool. But the software is not much attractive therefore Microsoft is looking to make it more collaborative and the best product for its fans.