Microsoft Is Ready To Pay $30 Million To Pen Technology

The world largest software company Microsoft is again in the news due to their newly formed technology of the digital pen which was introduced by the Israeli company N-Trig. According to the latest buzz in the city, the company has finally declared officially about acquiring the other company technology which is like a new and innovative technique of using the digital pen for the sketching, writing or painting on your desktop computers or devices. The company was partnered with the N-Trig from the last couple of months.

With the use of this advanced technology for their own software component, now the Microsoft has decided to deal with the N-Trig, which is an Israeli company and partnered for the digital pen technology with the Microsoft products. The deal about the two companies is finalized first in the last February.

According to the Reuters, the N-trig digital pen technology which is now used by the Microsoft company has the price tag, which is much more than the $200 million, which needed to be paid at the startup of the product when it was launched in the market. The Microsoft was using this product for their own software components and now they have decided to purchase this technology for their usage. They are not purchasing the entire start up of the digital pen technology, but they would pay almost $30 million for this product as reported by the Walls Journal on the Thrusaday.

With this innovation, the N-trig later become the part of the Microsoft company due to their digital technological pen which is used with the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 package.

As the company is on the verge of purchasing the digital pen technology, the Scientist of the Surface Team in Microsoft Mr. Stevie Bathiche said in his blog post that

“We could delay more to display about our new invention which we need to deliver to the Fans of the Surface in the coming future.”

He further added that We all know it clearly, that the future of the digital pens is far more excellent and it is a best way to replace the use of the pen and the paper in our digitized world on a some new dimensions and with the introduction of this creative technology which already stunned the digital world. The Microsoft is now acquiring this gadget from the N-trig company.

The most important point here which need to be added here is that it has the ability to grab not only the user attention, but also shares the work which they do on their devices. It has every possibility that the tradition of using the pen and the paper wouldn’t match in todays world. Currently the investment on such gadget is an another way to push the innovative ideas and the techniques forward in more modernize way.

The N-trig which is an Israeli company has started their journey of the innovative digital ideas in 1999 and with that they acquired almost 100 patents as given on the company website.