Microsoft Kills Nokia. The Phones Will Be Called Windows Lumia

With over 150 years of activity, the Nokia brand will most certain disappear. Probably this year.

There is a document that’s circuling inside Microsoft, consulted by Phone Arena, which shows that the American producer of software will give up gradually from using the Nokia brand for Windows Phone phones.

The new models of Nokia Lumia 730 and Nokia Lumia 830 will most likely be named Windows Lumia. Microsoft will give up completely the Nokia brand this year even before the sales campaign for the Winter Hollidays starts.

However, the people from Microsoft will act with caution and won’t make a sudden change. In the future advertising campaigns they will not use the Windows Phone logo on future terminals. They will apparently use the simple logo of Windows. In fact, even now, visitors of the regional Nokia sites are redirected to Microsoft sites.

Last September, Microsoft, the largest software manufacturer in the world took the decision to acquire Nokia for 5.4 billion euros, of which 3.8. million euros for the phone division and 1.6 billion for patents owned by the Finnish company.

In 2014, the American company created the Microsoft Mobile division. This launched an unexpected surprise for smartphone users. They launched Nokia X, a phone made by Microsoft but which also works with Android from Google.

This spring, Stephen Elop, CEO of Microsoft Devices confirmed that the Nokia brand will continue to exist only a short period of time.

When Microsoft announced the launch of the new Lumia 930, they erased any mentioning of the Nokia brand from their documents released to the press and kept them only on their terminals