Microsoft Officially Launches New Lumia Phones

Microsoft has officially launched three new Lumia smartphones at the IFA event in Berlin, Germany – the Lumia 730, Lumia 735, and the Lumia 830. These latest mid-range phones are the most anticipated phones from the company since the Nokia acquisition early this year.

“Lumia Denim” was also introduced at the event. The software update is set to add more functionality exclusively to Windows Phones 8 Lumia phones. HTC and Samsung, which are also run by Windows Phone 8, are not part of the software update.

The company aims to make the new phones stand out amongst competition by focusing on wireless charging, camera quality, and the availability of NFC-connected device that would connect the phone on a TV to display media. The new phones are also expected to fall under the mid-market range. The new Lumia 830 is priced at €300, the 730 at €199, and the 735 at €219.

The Lumia 830 is referred to as an “affordable flagship” which has a 5-inch screen and includes wireless charging. The higher-end Lumia phone boasts of its 10MP PureView camera that has a thinner optical housing than prior models. It includes 1GB RAM; storage of 16GB, which can be expanded by up to 128GB with a microSD card; 1.2GHz processor, and 2200mAh removable battery.

Moving on to the other new phones, the Lumia 730 and 735, the two models were said to be built for Skype and selfies. So, all selfie-lovers out there can rejoice. Both of the selfie phones boast of its wide-angle 5MP front camera, suitable for a wider view to accommodate more of the surroundings appropriate for selfies and Skype video calls.

The two phones have the same specs except for one: the Lumia 730 is dual-sim while the 735 is single-sim. Both stand 4.7 inches with 8 GB of internal storage which can be expanded via a microSD card for up to 64 GB, a 1.2GHz processor, and a 2270mAh battery.

All three phones, including other Lumia devices that are ran by Windows Phone 8, will experience exclusive software update that carries the Cortona personal assistant, which is currently only available in the United States, to China, and to other English-speaking markets.

Lumia owners will also now be able to create folders the same way one is able to do on Google’s Android system or Apple’s iPhone – the same action as dragging and dropping an app onto another. There is also a special “Glance” that can be made on lock screen, which include weather information, smart home data, and health and fitness information from different apps.

The goal of the “Denim” software update is to set Lumia devices apart from other Windows Phone 8 devices, according to Jenni Riihijarvi of the Mobile division of Microsoft.

Wireless charging is another important part of the promotional effort for these new Lumia phones. The Lumia 830 provides wireless-charging, paired with a new charging plate in different bright colors that has an indication of when the phone receives a notification while charging and alerts the owner when the phone is running low on battery.