Microsoft Revamped MSN With New Features

Microsoft is bringing back MSN with a revamped version that includes a new homepage, content from a large number of providers, and new lifestyle tools.

Readers will also have access to multiple Bing apps such as News, Travel, Sports, Finance, and Weather. Microsoft is also planning to release each app for Android and iOS. This move with MSN is just the company’s latest move for its ‘mobile-first, cloud-first’ vision where apps and cloud-powered services are available on cross-platform.

Not too long ago, Microsoft seemed to focus more on its other brands like Bing and Windows Live over its MSN brand, but the software company has had a change of heart and decided to revive MSN once more. The company presented a preview of the new homepage to show what’s to come. The homepage highlights the company’s popular services – Office, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and Maps – as well as popular social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Another noticeable change is the absence of original content, and instead the site is offering top content from all over the Web. Microsoft has signed up with publishers worldwide including major publishers like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, and The Guardian.

As the company also plans to release MSN apps across Android and iOS, users will be able to sync information and settings across, MSN apps, and Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant. When you bookmark a site from the MSN homepage, it will automatically connect to the MSN app on your phone. The MSN apps will be available in the coming months.

The newly revived MSN will not just be a portal to access the rest of the internet, Microsoft is aiming for the site to be an important part of its users’ daily lives. The company claims that MSN has more than 437 million users across 50 countries. Aside from the news content from other publishers, MSN will also offer other tools such as a shopping list creator for recipes and a symptom checker.

This move from the software company is the same move it’s doing with the latest version of its Windows operating system. According to its CEO, the company has given software developers a hard time by making different versions of Windows that work differently on different Windows devices. Microsoft is planning to unify the system with the next version of Windows so developers can make apps that may work on different devices at the same time. is still popular among readers because over the years, it was being set as a default homepage when you download several Internet Explorer versions. It still ranks as number 26 among top sites in the United States, just behind Google’s search engine site, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s own Bing. This one-month rank is created by Alexa and is estimated by combining average daily visitors and page views over the past month.

Microsoft did not mention when the newly revamped MSN will be available but a preview will be available on Monday.