Microsoft Teases Lumia 730 As IFA Event Approaches

We’re soon about to set our eyes on Microsoft’s Lumia 730 selfie phone but before that, the company has teased the new Windows Phone with a selfie. The photo was of a group of people taking a selfie, along with the hashtag #morelumia.

Branded as the company’s selfie phone, the Lumia 730 is a highly anticipated phone that’s packed with a lot of capabilities such as LTE connectivity and wireless charging. The Lumia 730 will also feature microSD card support and Nano SIM.

The phone is measured only at 134.7 x 68.5 mm with a 4.7-inch display screen with 720p resolution, a 5 MP front camera, 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage, a Snapdragon 400 processor, and a 6.7 MP rear camera.

The new Lumia 730 is already being referred to as a selfie smartphone. Because the world doesn’t seem to have seen enough selfies by now, here is a special phone specifically manufactured for this purpose. Other phone makers have already taken advantage of the selfie phenomenon by doing their best to attract customers. What makes Lumia 730 more interesting are the Qi Wireless charging and the fast 4G LTE support, although this will still depend on the user’s service provider.

Just a little bit of waiting before we will all finally get to experience this special smartphone. The company is bound to unveil the Lumia 730 on September 4 at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

Though the specs and features of the smartphone look like a step up from middle range phone, the Lumia 730 is supposedly only operating on 3G bands but there’s room for dual SIM. The new phone is an addition to Nokia’s current phones that are Windows Phone powered. Nokia has advertised the Lumia 730 well so they could keep up with iOS and Android. There are a lot of talks that this new Windows Phone can very well stood its ground against the two popular operating systems. Luckily, we only need to wait for a while to find out.

It was also rumored that Microsoft is introducing another model, the Lumia 735. This phone is also rumored to have 4G LTE support. This was supported by another leak, this one out of China, which suggests which devices will be introduced during the September 4 event.

At the same event, Microsoft is also reported to show off another model alongside the Lumia 730 and the Lumia 735, which is the Lumia 830. Lumia 830 is rumored to be a high-end device and has been dubbed as an “affordable flagship”. It’s rumored to have imaging capabilities of PureView. These new launches will also run the latest Windows 8.1 software.

Selfies are becoming more popular these days, especially for the youths, and even celebrities are known to take part of it. It is most probably for this reason that manufacturers continue to evolve their devices to accommodate the demands of being able to produce a great quality of selfie.

Aside from Microsoft, HTC is also said to launch its own selfie phone sometime this week.