Microsoft To Launch Windows 9 “Threshold” This September

From the look of things, Windows 9 is likely to arrive sooner than most people are envisaging. Precisely, Windows 9 “Threshold” may be unveiled on September 30. The report coming from The Verge reveals that Windows 8’s successor’s debut is slated for September 30 at a special media event. This new date for the Windows 9 debut shows a change to the previously slated late September or early October debut.

This new Microsoft’s major operating system is codenamed “Threshold” and will most likely be made available to enthusiasts and developers on the date specified above. However, the version intended for debut on this date is the previous version.

The Start Menu which is just one among the numerous features that should accompany the “Threshold” (Windows 9) has been awaited for a long time. In addition, Windows 9 is intended to eliminate the “Charms” bar and introduce tons of other User Interface (UI) changes. Essentially, it appears the Threshold may be dialing back a redesign of its predecessor Windows 8.

The report coming in today shows that Microsoft is working on the design of the Windows 9 which includes Microsoft’s personal virtual assistant, Cortana. But, it is not yet known if it will make the former tech’s preview build or not.

Beside these features, the rest of the integrations that are likely to come with the Threshold are mere guess. It is also not yet known whether the preview version of the Threshold slated for September 30 will be available to all or whether the company’s intention is to release it through MSDN and TechNet.

Related news also shows that Microsoft is likely to fill the public in regarding the fate of Windows RT that is being incorporated into Windows Phone. This project is part of Microsoft’s unified Windows vision and goal. There is yet no news concerning the extent that Microsoft has gone with this project. However, from the look of things, we are likely to get the update on this project come next month, when the long awaited Windows 9 codenamed ‘Threshold will make its debut”.

So, till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed and stay up in high hopes regarding the outcome of Windows 7 and the state of the Windows RT project. Obviously, September is just a couple of days away from now, so the waiting period is ticking off by the seconds!