Microsoft’s Brilliant Promotions For “Destiny”

If you haven’t found the perfect excuse to buy an Xbox before, Microsoft is offering you the ultimate excuse you can’t say no to. The company wants you to experience the newest way of gaming with their latest special offer.

For one week, starting from September 7 to September 13, when you buy an Xbox One console, you will also get away with an Xbox One game, for free. The offer’s available from participated retail stores in the United States.

That’s not only the best part. According to Microsoft, the “sky’s the limit” in choosing a free game. For game-enthusiasts, that can easily mean the game of their dreams.

Whether you’ve been lusting over Titanfall, Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, Watch Dogs, or Madden NFL 15, the choice of having one of these is yours.

You can even choose the highly anticipated Xbox One game, Destiny, which will be released on Sept. 9.

Destiny is an upcoming video game for Xbox One to which Microsoft recently published a cologne advertisement which portrays the game as a perfume.

When you go to the website, you will be greeted by an ad for the “new fragrance by Xbox”. However, the company wrote that “Destiny” is actually a new game that involves a “first-person shooter”. What made them get into a fake advertisement? Turns out, it was the company’s way of taking a hit at Sony.

Microsoft further explained that they are not allowed to advertise the game because Sony has secured exclusive rights from publisher Activision. Destiny is featured with PlayStation 4 in marketing.

From Halo creator Bungie, Destiny is one of the most luxurious games with an ad and development budget of over $500 million. The large-scale multiplayer is also the center of an intellectual-property custody fight between the two console makers.

Sony and Microsoft are in a battle for who gets the bigger share of the sales since Destiny is considered the most pre-ordered game that is not born out of an existing franchise.

Both companies didn’t secure the game as an limited so Destiny is going to be restricted to either of the PlayStation or Xbox platforms. However, among the two, Sony has gotten a better deal with Activision which includes an untimely beta program, the ability to feature the game directly with the PlayStation 4 and in-game weapons which are not available to Xbox owners.

Microsoft has tried to oppose this by coming out with this sweet Xbox One offer and with this cheeky fake advert meant to swing at Sony.

A spokesperson from Microsoft UK did confirm to website Eurogamer that the website for the Destiny Fragrance was “legitimate.”

If you’re still trying to decide whether to buy an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s offer to give one game for free might seal the deal for you.

Sony might win in terms of their deal with Activision but in terms of promotions, it’s safe to say that Microsoft is leading by a mile and more likely where customers will go to.