Mobile Phone Company Decides To Make Charges To Allow Queue Jumping When It Comes To Calls To Customer Services.

Just when it seemed that mobile phone companies had used every trick in the book to get money out of customers, it seems that EE have come up with a new idea. Rather than employ additional staff to deal with problems when customers need to call the customer services line, they have opted to provide the option for customers to pay to jump the queue. While the 50p fee flat charge is not going to break the bank it is clear that there is going to be a two tier system when it comes to the service that EE is providing.

While additional funds may be appealing to shareholders, it has not gone down well with customers and the people who seem to be the most upset are those who have been loyal to the brand over the years. A current customer Andrew Griffiths has spoken about his annoyance at the proposed charges and has said that if it turns out that EE are the only company to do this then he would think about taking his business elsewhere.

EE have hit back claiming that their customer services operation is of a high quality and that they want the standards to continue. They add that they were looking to continue investing in the company and the latest fee announced is just a “small charge” and along with others will help in this aim.

The system can be compared to the system that airlines use for queue jumping but this does not prevent it being considered a bad idea over all. It is only a week since this scheme came into place and it is only the Sim-only plan customers who are being offered it so it remains to be seen whether or not it will be a success.

Andrew continues “I thought it was a bad idea for a company to offer to provide what really ought to be a standard level of customer service for a fee” He continued to explain that he was worried that the time non payers had to wait would increase as there would not be an incentive to EE to make sure that what would be classed as non- priority calls would be answered.

Other companies could gain from this policy at EE if customers decide to move their business to a firm where they feel that they are more valued.