Mobile Phone Thefts Still High But Work Being Done To Cut Down The Numbers

If you were wondering if the phone you own is likely to be stolen then it depends what you do possess. It has been revealed that the latest iPhone is top of the list for thieves and this has been confirmed via a list for consumers put out by the Government.

Theresa May has arranged for a Mobile Phone Theft Ratio audit to be released and it covers an 18 month period from August 2012 to January 2014, and the top 4 places are held by iPhones. The Blackberry makes an appearance in 5th place where their 9790 fits in. Further down the list there is the Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones.

Mrs May spoke about the list and said that crime has fallen by 10% while the Coalition has been in power and while that was god news, there were still concerns about the numbers of phones being stolen. Too many people are still carrying them around unsecured and this is madness considering they have so much personal information saved on it, often including their bank details.

Mrs May went on to say that it was important that the police along with the Government and phone companies work together to combat this.

The list will be informing consumers about the phones that are likely to be targets and there is also information about the work that the industry is doing, including preventing the phones being reactivated and reused abroad. This will mean that there is little that can be done with the phone and it will be easier to track it and also take off any private details that have been stored.

Theft from the person has fallen by 10% in the last 12 months and it is believed that the actions that have already been implemented had helped to get this result.

Earlier reports had shown the scale of the problem when over a 12 month period, there had been over 1300 phones stolen from people in Newcastle City Centre alone. As expected a lot of them where in the area of pubs and bars, so fewer people where actively protecting their phones it is claimed.

It has been explained that the next place to worry about phone thefts is a railway station and Newcastle saw many stolen from theirs. 742,000 phones were stolen in the UK in 12 months with 100,000 just in London and pickpocketing is the way it is normally done rather than through violence with women and the 14-24 age group most vulnerable according to the report.