Mobile Phones Saves the Important Information But affecting the Human Memories

Now a days, mobile phones are being used by people to save their important information who are not using their own minds to store them. If the mobile phones having some important data saved in their memories, are lost or broken, it can cause problems for the users who will lose their precious information. Although we have got many benefits through the mobile phones. Life has become easy due to these phones and people can use them in many ways. It is used for entertainment purposes as well but on the other hand, they have a hand behind the loss of human memory skills.

To see that how much these mobile phone are effecting the human skills negatively, a survey was done by Kaspersky Lab in which response from 6000 people was taken who had the ages of 16 or above. Research was done in 8 countries. Different question regarding the memory of mobile users were asked and the findings showed some surprising facts. Among those findings, one was that there were almost 49 person of the respondents who say that they do not remember the phone numbers of their parents. 57 percent people were those who do not even remember the number of the place where they work.

When people were asked that whether they keep the numbers of their children in their minds, the answer from 71 percent was that they don’t. Moreover, 87 percent of the people do not what is the number of the school of their children. When the respondents were asked about the position of their memory few year ago when mobile phones did not have enough memory to store so much information, response to that question was different as 47 percent said that they still remember the phone numbers which they had written at the age between 10 and 15.

During the research it was also found that if the data is lost, it creates distress condition among the people. There were 40 percent women among those who got too much tensed due to the loss of information from their phones. 40 percent of the people were between the ages of 16 and 24 who become sad because of that.

Human brain has some limits and the information cannot be stored in them unless it is recalled and used occasionally. If the data is not used by us, it is forgotten and new data takes the place of older one in the minds. There are few things which are necessary to learn as it may be beneficial for us. Therefore we should not be dependent on the memory of mobile phones only as anything can be happened and the information can be lost.

Another problem arises when people do not take into consideration the security of their phones and therefore the information from the phones have chances of loss. There were only 27 percent of the respondents who had installed extra security in their phones and 23 percent were those who use security on their tablets.