Mobile: The Development Of Tech Tattoos Brings A Twist To Wearable Technology

Over and again, wearable technology has proven to be among the most ground-breaking classes of technology being developed currently. From the fitness tracker to the smartwatch and to the augmented-reality glasses, none of these techs so far has been able to match the wearable tech, which has now become a standard that most future technologies will be built around.

Currently, there is a particular type of wearable tech in design, with the ability to give a whole new phase and direction to wearable tech; that wearable tech is the tech tattoo. It is true! Right now, tech developers are experimenting approaches that would provide tattoos with the capacity to carry out wide range of functions.

Many people are already wondering what type of functions these may be. The latest news shows that one of the Tattoos will be assigned the capacity to convert the sweat from your body into usable energy (power) for other range of tech devices – e.g. smart devices, fitness tracker, or smartwatch. Professionals at the University of California are already researching and developing this tattoo tech capability. The tech will function by gauging or determining the lactate in a person’s sweat. Subsequently, the tattoo will retain the electrons in the lactate in order to generate an electrical charge. It simply means the tech will make you the source of the power you are using.

Originally, this tech was invented for a different purpose, just as it applies to tons of innovations today. This original purpose was to simply measure lactate in the blood stream, which is something that needs a blood test currently. But, the developers did not hesitate to jump at the opportunity when they discovered an all new dimension for its use.

Also, there are other opportunities that tech tattoo offers in addition to transforming the wearer into a power source. For instance, Motorola recently designed a temporal tattoo with a NFC chip that users can engage to unlock their phone with a simple swipe, although this tattoo tech by Motorola is still on its infancy stage and works only on the Moto X. notwithstanding, just as have been witnessed in several times before, it is likely that the evolution of the tattoo tech will open up more and more exciting uses.

The two instances cited above are just a tip of an iceberg when it comes to the prospective limitless opportunities and uses that may eventually emanate from the evolution of the tattoo tech.