Enroll For The Marine U.S Online Account

The Marine U.S service, helps the users to get the qualified data about the services and data offered by the U.S Government.

Guidelines for the Account

The steps to get a new account on the company website is much easier, you need to follow the steps which are given below:

  • Get the link mol.usmc.mil to get the new account option on the company website as required by the new user.
  • The link will display the terms and the conditions which apply on all the accounts which are allotted to the user, on registering with the valid information.
  • As you agree with all these terms, then click on the “Agree” button to move towards the next window and start the process of the new account.
  • The older members would get the Login button on the next web page. This will require the login details such as username and the password in the fields which are given to access their user accounts.
  • The new members, should click on the “register here” option which is given on the same page for the new account service.
  • The new account need the information such as the Full Name, and the Last Name. This name will apply if the user is qualified for the new account on this website.
  • The other fields require more detail information of the user. You need to give the required data with the Social Security Number, which is allotted by the U.S government to the residents of the country.
  • Give the date of birth, which is valid to identify the proper age and whether it is allowed in the company for the user account.
  • Give the PEBD and the Primary MOS in their respective fields. This field assistance is available on the company form for the entry of the valid information.
  • Give the exact contact number,where the company could get connected with their registered members. This could be the phone number and the mobile number.
  • Select the password for your user account to confirm the security code for the user account. This will secure the user account.
  • Select the security question and answer in their respective empty boxes.
  • Click “Submit” to end the process of the application.

The user could get many benefits through their online account which are given on the company website.