Mother Sells-Daughter’s Katy Perry Tickets-Online As Punishment For Behaving Badly

Is your kid always misbehaving? What would you do to show her that you don’t tolerate bad behavior? According to Yahoo! News, Cindy Bjerke, a parent residing in Fargo, North Carolina has decided to sell her daughter’s tickets online which could have enabled her attend a pop star concert which is to be attended by her favorite artist. While posting the ad online, the seemingly angry mom did some little name calling. As a result of this, the mother’s actions are drawing rage and criticisms from people all over the world as people are divided as to whether the mother’s actions went too far.

Bjerke posted the ad to the Fargo Facebook Page under a screaming headline stating that her spoilt brat-daughter does not deserve the tickets that were for sale. She said that she paid a hundred dollars for the tickets but was willing to take ninety dollars. There were many comments, likes and people who expressed their interests, but the administrator of the social media page removed the ad because he felt that it actually distracted people who used the page. But was this kind of punishment too public or too hash?

According to Lillian Schalke, who is a member of the community, the punishment is something personal and it could have been better if handled privately. She went further to say that she felt that Bjerke has gone a little too far in condemning her daughter for the entire world to see. She said that even if she wanted the daughter to understand that what she did was not right, embarrassing her in public wasn’t the most appropriate way to go. She added that regardless of the side which you are always, you will always be wrong to someone. This sentiment is also supported by Schwarzer. According to him, the decision which the mother took was a little harsh and it could have been better if she handled it within the family. Escalating it for the entire world to know that her daughter is a spoilt brat is not the best way to go.

Simon who is a father and a resident of the area stated that while he may not know what prompted the angry woman to sell her daughter’s tickets online, one thing is very clear-that she wanted the kid to realize that being rude, naughty and disrespectful doesn’t pay. It isn’t the best way to go. The message was too strong, too loud. However, he feels that it could be done in a manner that guaranteed privacy of the child. Gregory, another reader commented that the experience which the child underwent will get ingrained in her mind forever and could affect her confidence.

The opinions were widely divided, with as many criticizing the move as those who support it. But no matter all the comments, the tickets got sold out in a record five minutes.