Motorola Has Made The Unbreakable Screen

These days, people are enduring their phones with the cracked screens because of their high costs to fix them. They have to wait until they are able to purchase a new one. Since then they keep using the phones with the cracks on the screen.

Motorola has ensured now that the people would not have to keep the cracked phones with them as a new smartphone has been introduced by the company in partnership with Verizon which has an unbreakable screen. The name of this new model is Droid Turbo 2.

This phone’s shatterproof is the great work of the engineers which is created by 5 distinct layers and the specialty is that every layer is able to absorb the shock. The rear of the screen consists of the aluminum chassis due to which the durability of the screen increases.

Then there is another layer that is a flexible display which seems like a plastic laminate. At its front side, a touch layer is present that is also a flexible one with a lens layer. A stiff exterior lens is fixed at its top which acts as a screen protector.

There is no word of glass added in the material as Droid Turbo 2 does not have any such thing in it but you will be able to feel the display of the phone as the display of the phone with glass.

The new technology of shatterproof screens was not successful at the earlier stage and the smartphone such as LG Flex were given the innovative feature but it was possible for the screens to be shattered if they were dropped.

Osterlob, one of the researchers said that on the research and development of this shatterproof screen technology, almost 3 years have been spent and some high efforts of engineering work made that thing possible. Motorola claims that the Droid Turbo 2 has been designed in the way that despite of dropping it from a 5 feet height onto the hard surface, its screen would not shatter.

The technology gives us the impressive feature as according to the records given by Motorola, there are 37 percent owners of smartphone have shattered their screens, with 1 display cracked every 2 seconds. Now there is no doubt that the feature would be adopted by others in the industry.

Droid models of the phones of Motorola are the showcase of the Verizon and Motorola for the novel features which are believed to be soon entering the mass market. Droid Turbo 2 also includes the previous innovative features like log lasting battery, turbo charging and super sharp resolution screen. The phone will be available for the fans for $624.