Motorola’s Ultra-Popular Moto 360 Smartwatch Gets A Host Of Fresh Leaks Before Its Release

Smartwatches have come quite a long way since the days of the original Pebble. After the Pebble a couple of years ago, we saw Samsung enter the smartwatch market with their Samsung Galaxy Gear. Shortly following that, Pebble came out with the Pebble Steel. Samsung then followed with the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. All the while, a multitude of other off-brand smartwatches were being crowd funded, announced, sold, you name it. The smartwatch game is here, and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. The most recent entry into the ever-expanding market is Google with their new wearable platform, Android Wear. Android Wear made its official debut to the public with the launch of both the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live back in June. While these two watches got the ball rolling for Android Wear, we’ve still yet to see the release of what is possibly one of the most anticipated smartwatches yet. That smartwatch, is Motorola’s Moto 360. Up until now, not much has been known about the watch. We know it’ll launch sometime late this summer, but that’s about all Motorola has commented on with the matter. Recently, we saw a whole bunch of leaks for the watch surface on the Web, and they reveal quite a lot about what we can expect when the Moto 360 launches within the coming weeks.

The leaks come courtesy of Mister Gadget who apparently got some exclusive, in-depth hands-on time with the fabled watch. The new leaks report that the Motorola Moto 360 will in fact be constructed out of stainless steel, have an IP76 certification for dust and water resistance, feature interchangeable watch bands and will supposedly come in both black and silver models when it does finally launch. Perhaps the most interesting news to come from this leak is in regards to the watch’s charging. Both the G Watch and Gear Live have featured their own take on wireless charging stations, but neither of them are all that great. LG’s has been having a corrosion issues as of late, while Samsung’s has been reported to be quite flimsy and break extremely easily. In other words, they aren’t the wireless charging solutions we’re looking for. Thanks to these leaks, we’ve seen images of what the Moto 360’s charger will look like, and the thing looks downright incredible. The Moto 360 sits upright on the station (which is also rather solid looking) and displays a gorgeous charging animation. Along with the info about the charging station, the Moto 360 is reported to offer up to four full days of use on a single charger, a heck of a lot better than the one day of full use provided by the other two Android Wear watches.

While these are still rumors at this point in time, they certainly do make the wait for the Moto 360 that much harder. With summer quickly drawing to a close, we can only expect Motorola to launch the watch sooner rather than later.