Mozilla Is Not Happy With The Features Of Windows 10

Mozilla expressed its opinion about the new Windows 10 which shows that the company is not satisfied with it. The users who want to upgrade their old Windows 7 or to the Windows 10 can find that upgrading it to the newer version by using express settings will make “Microsoft Edge” the default web browser for their PC. Although the default web browser can be changed to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or any of the other web browsers but there complications in doing this if compared to the older versions of Windows.

According to the Mozilla chief Chris Beard, the new version of the Windows which is giving a new experience of browser is very disturbing. He mentioned it in an open letter to the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella.

He further said in the letter that it looks like Microsoft is forcing the customers to have the experience of new Windows according to the its own choice rather than letting thee customers to use it as they like.

In the older versions of Windows, users were provoked by the browsers that they could make them their default web browsers The setting would have changed automatically when they clicked on ”Use this as my default browser” and users did not have to do anything more. While being prompted by the browsers, users will have to change their settings manually.

Users have to follow two extra steps to change your settings. Although it is not a long procedure but users would be annoyed in doing this.

A spokesperson from Microsoft gave her argument in favor of the Windows, according to her, If “custom” is chosen rather than “express” settings during the upgrade installation, default browser can be selected easily. She said that Microsoft has an objective of providing simple upgrade experience through Windows 10 and there is no difficulty in choosing your default browser as the option of selecting the default is also given during the upgrade.

Microsoft which has been listening to the customers regarding the new Windows version and it has been found that many changes have been done by taking the customers’ feedback into consideration. But according to Chris Beard he set a meeting with the Microsoft team as soon as he found that the Edge was automatically set as a default browser. Default browser can be changed but it is not so simple if compared with the previous versions of Windows.

Reminding the incident of 1990 when a lawsuit was filed against Microsoft to restrict its customers browser choices, Beard showed the disappointment for the new Windows. He said

“These changes are unsettling because there are millions of users who love Windows and who are having their choices ignored.”