My Wealth Is For The Needy People Says Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook

It is seen that the Apple chief executives are always interested to donate their wealth for the charity or well being of the people in the country. After the Steve Jobs the ex-chide executive of the biggest mobile company APPLE, now the TIM Cook, the chief executive after the death of the Steve Jobs, declared to donate his wealth to charity after his death. In an interview with the Fortune Magazine, Tim Cook declared that he would donate his well earned wealth for the philanthropic cause, but before that he would like to financially support his 10 year old nephew for his education in the country college. He further explained more about the importance of HIV/AID and its measures to control the disease in the country. He further added that he would like to silently donate and support for the human rights. He prefers to donate his wealth and work for the noble cause rather signing checks for the media attention.

Apple is the most profitable company in the world with the worth more that the $800 which is equal to the £537 million. The Tim Cook is now in the list of the super rich person’s in the world who later donate their valuable assets and wealth for the social cause. The Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is also among those donators in the country.

This donation game is not new in the country. Before the Tim Cooks, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet the billionaire investor and Bill Gates the world largest software company Microsoft owner have already launched the same campaign for the social cause/ There campaign name was The Giving Pledge which was started five years before in the country.

This noble cause convinces many other unknown billionaires to donate their wealth for the charity or needy persons in the world. These billionaires signed “moral commitment” which identifies the donation agreement or declaration of the billionaire’s wealth.

According to the latest interview to the biggest American Magazine of the billionaires in the world Fortune Magazine, the Tim Apple shares are almost $120m which is equal to £81 million. He always holds stocks almost £447 million, which is estimated $665 million on the record.

Tim Cook is planning to support his nephew’s college education in high reputed universities. According to the latest survey, the education in the universities of the U.S is estimated almost $30,000 which is also equal to the £20,000 on an average year. Some other private universities are offering education cost much more than expected. The universities like Harvard, which is one of the highly reputed and prestigious university in the United States and every year, million of the students admit after paying almost $43,938 which is annual education cost in the university. The students couldn’t avail the financial aid for this university education. This education cost now increases up to $58,607 after constructing of more board and rooms in the institute.